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When a blueberry met a pancake

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A sad showing for a dish with such rich heritage

Throughout history there have been great food meetings. When peanut butter met jelly, ice cream and the cone and the hot dog and the bun, these are just a few.

But I would like to think that when the blueberry met the pancake, this encounter was just as important as the previous encounters mentioned. I have no historical proof, but I imagine that the blueberry is responsible for the pancake filling phenomena. The humble and simple blueberry took the pancake to its next level of greatness.

I enjoy a plain pancake but the ones that really get me excited are the ones that a little more complex.

Saffron Bakery

Stanley Beach, Hong Kong

Sunday was a beautiful day. It was clear and warm and I was spending the day checking out an art exhibition along the promenade. Saffron Bakery is an independent bakery that has a reputation for some speculator-baked goods. Their coconut tart is one of my favorites. As you can imagine, I was excited to see that the Sunday special was Blueberry Pancakes.

I will not go into much detail because they were a complete failure. The experience would turn me off from ever trying them again.

Low points:

1. Thimble of syrup, just plain stingy

2. No sides (butter or powered sugar)

3. Starchy (heavy and undercooked, I could detect pieces of uncooked baking power in the middle)

High points:

1. The blueberries were the small ripe type that still had a little pop in them.

I am sad to say that the McDonald’s next door serves a finer hotcake at 25% the price. Very disappointing outing especially since I like to support local businesses.

Final Rating:

Some Merit –  ★★


Retro Apple Pies – Mickey D’s Style

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One of the things that I love about Hong Kong are the little things that remind me of home. And sometimes those are not reminders of the present but of my childhood. Here is a quirky little observation that I have made.


First of all, as many of you may know my first job was at McDonald’s. And in many ways the lessons that I learned as a McDonald’s employee have helped shape my professional career. Hands down – nobody does organization and procedures like McDonald’s.


So back in the 80’s I enjoyed working in the grill at McDonald’s. The grill was not only responsible for making hamburgers but also things like apple pies. These apple pies were made in a deep fryer. The pies were completely frozen and had to be fried 10 minutes or so. Nothing could be placed in this fryer except pies. We were warned not to contaminate it with things like the Filet-O-Fish patties.


The standard pies were apple and cherry. And sometimes on special occasions we had a run on chocolate for Valentine’s Day and pumpkin for Thanksgiving.


Well sometime around 1987 McDonald’s changed it pies. They went from fried to baked. And the new pies had large slits to help vent steam and heat. A common problem with the fried pies was that when they came out of the fryer they were super hot. And many people burned their mouth on pies that had not been allowed to properly cool.


Well in Hong Kong they don’t have the baked pies. They have the same fried pies that I remember. They are super crispy and super hot. There is apple but the Hong Kong versions include Taro, Sweet Potato and Black Currant.


So I have always loved McDonald’s and this experience takes me back to a simpler time when I didn’t think about calories, saturated fats or sugar levels. What a wonderful trip down memory lane.