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Gambling for Adventure

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My in-laws are visiting Jennifer and I in Hong Kong. During their time here, there are a number small excursions that we are taking. It is very important to get that Passport stamped as many times as possible.

One small trip we took is to Macau. Macau, like Hong Kong is a part of China but it is also a Special Administrated Area. The Portuguese were a major influence in Macau in the same way the British were in Hong Kong. Thus – Macau has more of a European flavor in it food and architecture. It takes about an hour on a Jet Foil to get to our destination.

Lou Kau Mansion

Today Macau is best known as the land of casinos. But there are many little avenues filled with pastry shops, churches and other cultural stops. Fort

We hit a few as well as a Las Vegas style show called “The House of the Dancing Water.” It was one of the most impressive shows I have ever seen.





We are off to Beijing today. So more pictures to come.