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Hello Kitty Gate C3

In Taipei,Taiwan on March 17, 2011 by triotriotrio Tagged:

Your flight will be leaving from the Hello Kitty Gate at Taipei International Airport.

One cannot travel far in Asia without seeing that business savvy Kitten with the smart red bow pushing one product or another. Whether it is a sparkly purse, a glittering cap or a dazzling cover for a smart phone, no one can deny that Kitty has saturated the market.

I am all for free markets and I do not care if Kitty has personally tested and tired every product that she has endorsed but I fully support her right to do so. But I do have to pause to wonder who was behind giving Kitty an entire Gate at an airport? And I mean the entire Gate.

Kitty meets you at Gate C3 at the Taipei International Airport in a larger than life sculpture complete with rolling suitcase (which will not fit in the overhead compartment) and boarding pass in hand. Behind her is a complete store where one may buy any imaginable product, all bearing her likeness. And yes – I did make several purchases. There are two little girls in Wyoming that are going to be very excited with their new t-shirts. And one big girl also got a Hello Kitty crystal studded mechanical pencil.







The gate has four large murals, all depicting different scenes from Kitty’s adventures. The seating area is complete with pink Hello Kitty chairs and floor tiles. Want to know the time in London? Please check out the International Time Board.  Then there is the Hello Kitty phone bank. No expense has been spared.

Flying can be a nerve-racking experience. I can only imagine that Hello Kitty has calmed a few nerves through the years for the anxious traveler. Pink can be a soothing color. I salute you Kitty, you certainly put a smile on my face today.