Pancake Rating System

I like to think of pancakes on a Five Point Panel Scoring System:


  1. Do Not Eat – this is a score only reserved to a product that is so rancid that I would be unable to get two bites down. This score could also be given to a product that was not a pancake. Let’s say I order pancakes and I am served cream of wheat instead. No matter how good the cereal is, it can’t be judged in the pancake department. ★
  2. Some Merit – Here we have a product that may be working in the right direction but doesn’t quite make it. One may want to say, “Please go back in the kitchen and try again.” Please note, the main difference between a score of one and two is that one may want to eat at this place again. ★★
  3. Good – the vast majority of pancakes fall into this category. They are what I would classify as forgettable. If I had an icon for this score it would be a box. In other words, someone simply mixes a together some pre-measured flour out with water and then places it on the grill. ★★★
  4. Very Good – Here we have a product that really goes beyond the norm. Maybe it is a mix, but instead of water, milk and real eggs are used. There may be some type of compote or interesting side. Bananas, blueberries, walnuts or apples may be incorporated into the mixture. There may be an interesting type of flour in the mix. Think of buckwheat, whole-grain or sourdough. ★★★★
  5. Excellent – An excellent pancake has no mistakes. It would be suitable for a last meal if you were on death row. ★★★★★










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