Waffling in Thailand

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Bangkok waffles

It must be the maple syrup. Or maybe it is that they are both served at breakfast? But one fact remains – waffles are not pancakes.

Waffles have a completely different make up that make them worthy of study and tasting.

On a recent trip to Bangkok, I found myself at a mall that styles itself as the ‘Pride of Bangkok.’

One of the reasons this shopping mall deserves such a high ranking is that there is a fabulous food court in the basement. I do not mean a Chick-fil-A, Cinnabon and Orange Julius filled space. The food court was filled will stalls, everyone was busily making wonderful spring rolls, pad Thai and stir-fry. By I was attracted to the man making waffles.

He had a variety of varieties, strawberries, Nutella, bananas and powered sugar. The little squares are the perfect receptacles for all the goodies. Sometimes foods do not translate in a different environment. But the Thai – they know food.

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