22 Ships – 2,000 calories

In Food, Hong Kong on August 4, 2013 by triotriotrio

22 Ships

Wanchai, Hong Kong

My first reaction was: “there is not a single thing on this menu that someone would not find offensive.”

The concept is one of equality for all. There are no reservations, seating is on bar stools, and there are no posh behind-the-scenes tables for the exclusive guests. This place is about good food, served plainly with copious amounts of beverages. There is beer and also specialty cocktails.

Now to the offense: around the world people are bound to religious or ethical limitations on what they can or want to consume. There are those that keep Kosher. There are those that feel compelled not to eat veal. Well if you fall into any of these categories: avoid this place like it is the rapture.

22 Ships 太

Pork belly: my big observation about living in China is that Chinese people love their fat. I am from the skinless-boneless world of dulling the flavors down for ‘health reasons.’ But here – it is pure unadulterated fat-on. The pressed pork belly has three levels of wonderful. First – there is the chewy outer coating. Second there is the gelatinous fatty center. Lastly there is the belly fat, that portion in which reminds you of eating a thick cut bacon steak.

22 Ships 太

Veal chop – this was a happy calf. The chop was simply prepared with a garlic and parsley rub. It sat on a puree of tuber mash. Proof: food does not have to be overly worked or a science experiment to be good.

22 Ships 太

Spicy shrimp: pulp and juicy. It is hard to believe that this was the bronze medal at the table. Anywhere else it would be taking home the gold.

22 Ships – come early and reserve your space. There may be a wait but it is worth it.

Leave your guilt at the door.

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