Hong Kong Thanksgiving

In Updates on November 25, 2011 by triotriotrio

Hong Kong Thanksgiving

One of my favorite holiday movies is Christmas Story.  There is a wonderful scene towards the end of the film where the family is forced to go to a Chinese restaurant because their meal is destroyed by the neighbor’s dogs. And although Peking Duck is not turkey, the family does it best to cope with Christmas in a foreign environment.

So I found myself in a similar situation to Raphie this Thanksgiving. No cold weather. No turkey. And no sweet potato casserole. Now some artists work in oils and clay but my sister Dana has perfected the yam medium. She is truly a master.

The highlight was that Jennifer’s parents were here to celebrate with us and in the end it is really about being with family.

We ended up renting a boat and taking a short cruise. It was a beautiful and somewhat lazy day. We feasted at the Rainbow Restaurant on Lamma Island. We enjoyed steamed shrimp, tasty scallops, and a deep fried fish that was out of this world. And amongst the bounty we enjoyed each others company.

When the whole fish arrived at the table I could not help but remark, “The fish is smiling at me.”

Rainbow Restaurant on Lamma Island


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all four of you. Katie and Chad are here and it so good to see them. Lots of shopping today. We all need to nap now.

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