A Wild Ride

In Hong Kong on November 8, 2011 by triotriotrio


A three-week vacation is a marathon, not a sprint. Thus as we began today’s adventure leisurely and fortified with my favorite meal of the day, breakfast.


We started off by picking up some bakery items from the small place near the apartment. They have some wonderful coconut bread and raisin twists. They are perfect for taking on the bus. Then we went for pancakes at McDonald’s. (There is something to be said about McDonald’s – you can travel the world over but the pancakes are the same wherever you are.)

Then we took a series of buses to Stanley. The bus ride to Stanley takes about an hour on on top of a double deck bus it is a more exciting ride than many roller-coasters.  Stanley is best known as a sleepy beachside community and the home the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, which happens to be my current place of employment.

We arrived in town just in time for the turtle’s bath at the local temple. (Sorry no pictures out of respect for the turtle) Then we dashed to the museum just as the rain started to fall. I took the Orville and Thelma around the museum and told them a little about what I am currently working on.

We had a fabulous lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. We all ate fishcake and a yummy coleslaw chicken salad.

Then it was off to the famous Stanley Market. Thelma was tempted by a few things to buy but in the end we only walked away with one souvenir, a terra-cotta warrior in miniature.

Not a bad day for a light adventure.

Mini Warrior


2 Responses to “A Wild Ride”

  1. Wonderful pictures! I received your nice E mail, Thelma, and we soooo got a kick out of your being a tall person for once in your life! That must make Orv the giant of China – a gentle one at that. That little warrior you guys bought reminds me of what Orv looks like when the fish aren’t biting on the lake!
    When is your day at the Great Wall coming up? That will be exciting indeed as all of your days are. Sounds as though you are eating lots of good and exotic food – including McDonald pancakes.
    Continue enjoying your kids and trip. You deserve being together for this adventure. I’ve been posting some of our trip to Washington DC on On the Road with Humpty Dumpty. Don’t know if you’ve caught any of those posts.

  2. Does that terra cotta warrior look a little like Orville?

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