Daaih Pàaih Dong

In Food, Hong Kong on October 20, 2011 by triotriotrio

Whether one is looking for high-end, low-end or no-end food in Hong Kong, it can be found. Perhaps one of the most beloved forms of eateries is the daaih pàaih dong? It is not on the bottom of the food ladder, but it is close. And when I say bottom I am only describing décor, ambience and seating. I am not referring to taste.Daaih pàaih dong

Characterized by its outdoor seating, benches with no backs, questionable sanitization protocols and it’s well known reputation as a place to go at three in the morning when the body cannot take in any more liquids, the daaih pàaih dong should be noted as a fine place to grab a meal.

Please note dear reader that one can pay for a more expensive meal, but regardless of the price, the fact remains, tasty food can be found at all levels.

A colleague of mind helped me navigate into this world of tasty food on the cheap. Our entire meal was less than $13 US.

I had some tasty little deep fried herrings with rice. The fish was prepared in the famous salt and pepper seasoning. With heads and tails included I made my way through the meal. My only complaint was that the tiny bones made it difficult to eat. Western tastes don’t often encourage eating the bones, tails or heads, so this may not be everyone’s favorite thing. Daaih pàaih dong

Overall – a great experience. One that anyone visiting Hong Kong should try.


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