Chinese Pancakes

In Food, Hong Kong, Pancakes on October 18, 2011 by triotriotrio

Chinese pancake

In an effort to provide a fair and balanced review of all things related to the pancake, I am doing a write up on Chinese pancakes. Let me begin by saying that they are pancakes only in name. Thus, it would be unfair to subject this offering under the rigid scoring system that I have created. They do not count as pancakes in three major ways:

  1. They are a baked product, not made from a batter and grilled in a pan.
  2. They are filled with sweetened red bean paste.
  3. They are a hand food. No respectable pancake can be eaten with the hands. This is not to say that hand foods do not have their place, because they do.

Context: Throughout Hong Kong there wonderful bakeries. Many Hong Kong people do not have ovens in their homes, thus any bread or dessert type delicacies have to be purchased rather than made. The traditional bakeries have large bins that guests are invited to tong out their goodies, and then they take them to the counter to have bagged up. Many people stop at the bakeries in the morning to pick up on-the-go breakfasts. There are suitable snacking on buses and subways.

There are two things that have recently happened. I have been stopping by a bakery before I go to work. Second, I have put on a little weight. I think the two are related. The bakeries have wonderful raisin and cinnamon twist, donuts, coconut buns and red bean buns.

Revelation:  As I was picking at my morning snack I discovered among the other offerings a “Red Bean Pancake.” I immediately spotted it as an imposter. This is no more real than the $20 Hermes belt I got in Shenzhen. But I decided to purchase it anyway in order to give it a try.

Review: The red bean pancake is based upon the red bean bun. One of the main differences is that the red bean bun is made with pastry type dough and the pancake is more like a cake donuts. Red bean paste is not everybody’s cup of tea. But I like it. Chinese pancakeBut is definitely not a Western taste for breakfast.

Final Analysis: Like it – but definitely not a pancake.

2 Responses to “Chinese Pancakes”

  1. i would like to see some “before” and “after” shots of you… to see exactly HOW much weight you have put on =)

  2. That sounds delicious! A) I love red bean paste and B) I love baked goods therefore C) I want to eat one! Thank you Robert for posting and making me very hungry! Your blog definitely inspired HK to go on my “must sees” list!

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