Chasing the Dragon

In Hong Kong, Updates on October 16, 2011 by triotriotrio

From the top

Today may have been the most beautiful day in Hong Kong since I have arrived. It was a warm day with a gentle breeze along with a sunny sky. The air was also crisp and clean. (Not a usual occurrence for HK) Trail

So we decided to spend some time outdoors. We choose to tackle the Dragon’s Back, which is a well-known hiking trail on the south side of the island. The guidebooks say that it is an easy hike but there were a few tough spots. Shek O

Three things one should know about the hike is:

1. Beautiful Scenery – the trail takes you down the spine of the hill and there are beautiful ocean views on either side. Beaches, home and natural wonders are around every corner. We were also amazed by a paraglider (Watch the video) who was enjoying the day.

2. Lots of spots to rest – Although there are a few spots that are steep, benches and natural stops can be found along the way. Flora

3. One-way – Sometimes the end of the hike is marked by the prospect that you now have to retract one’s steps. However at the end of the trail is a bus stop, which took us to a wonderful outdoor lunch.

All in all it was a pretty perfect day. Paraglider


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