Dreaming of Pink Dolphins

In Hong Kong, Updates on October 5, 2011 by triotriotrio

On the Boat

My nephew Stephen has come to Hong Kong for a visit. It was great to have family visit and it was also wonderful to show someone around our new home. As we walked the streets and I pointed out different features it became clear that I really have learned a lot about Chinese culture in the short time I have been here. He was particularly impressed with my sweet sweet Cantonese skills while I ordered for him at McDonald’s. McDonald's

Our big adventures took us to Stanley so he could see where I work at the museum. And we also took the train up to the top of the Peak for the fantastic view. All in all we hit all the high tourist spots.

The culmination of the trip was to the traditional town of Tai O. It takes several hours to get to this town. A ferry from Pier 6 takes you to Lantau Island and then we took a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride bus trip to the fishing community.

Dried SeafoodTai O is best known as the place where one can see the famous pink dolphins of Hong Kong. We took a short boat ride out in the sea but alas there were no dolphins to be seen. Disappointed but not broken we consoled ourselves with snacking on some local food including waffles, strange tea jello and fried abalone. Making Waffles

The weather was cool and comfortable so it was an overall nice day. Our pursuit of the pink dolphins will have to continue. Maybe some day we will see them?

Stephen and JQ


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