Big 3 Week

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Fireworks over the Harbour />

It has been an exciting week. The three major events were the opening of the new Apple store at the ICF, the typhoon level being raised to level 8, and Chinese National Day. On top of all that work has suddenly gotten very exciting as the big move to Pier 8 has progressed and the new web site development is starting to take shape.

But I am taking it all in stride and trying to take each day as I can. Apple Store

Of the three events – the Apple Store Opening is the one that I had long waited for. It is a beautiful store. There are 100 workstations, walls of accessories and a genius bar with at least 30 people working at it. I have been looking forward to getting back to taking some of the classes that Apple offers for iMovie and such.

The Typhoon Level 8 indicator was a complete surprise. It is hard to know what is always going on because most of the news is in Chinese. Also everyone knows that when there is a Level 8, there is no work and everyone is expected to stay home. That is unless you are a newbie to Honk Kong like me. Oh well, it was a quiet day at home. The windows rattled a little but overall it wasn’t so bad.

The Crowd

On Saturday night the entire town celebrated National Day. It was a great evening filled with families out and about. And one of the best fireworks displays ever. We got tickets to a rooftop viewing area. The only thing out of place was the crazy music pumped over the PA system to accompany the pyrotechnic display. I still have gotten used to Chinese love ballads or the occasion military marches.

This week, my nephew Stephen arrives for a short visit, a Typhoon of a different type.  🙂


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