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Night Market

Taipei Night Markets

Imagine a narrow alleyway in which thousands of people are strolling along each evening in search of good eats, bargains, and a general good time.  That is essentially the scene of the night markets of Taipei.

Each evening throughout the city designated areas roll up the streets to motorized traffic and pedestrians take over. Along the streets there are make-shift stands to established businesses with regular hours. These spaces, like the famous Shilin Night Market, are a mecca for all kinds of people. Jennifer and I were a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. Too many people, too much noise and too much heat – triple threat. It was a worthwhile venture but one we may not repeat again in the summer.

The main goal for us at the market was to sample some local fare. And we were rewarded by a great sampling. The stinky tofu deserved its own post but I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight three other things we tired.

Hot Chicken Night Market

I am a firm believer in what Andrew Zimmern says about street food, “Look for the longest line.” We spied an extra-long line for fried chicken so we quickly got to the back. In front of us we met a nice group of American gals who were in Taipei teaching English. They told us that on their last night in Taipei they had chosen to spend it eating this chicken.  I knew that was a good sign.

We patiently waited as we made our way to the front the line. At last we received our prize with a generous dousing of a special spicy rub. Please note dear reader that there no pictures of said chicken. That is because we tore into it like a pack of wolves on a spring lamb. It was by far the best fried chicken that I have ever had. Not even close.

It was crispy, juicy and perfectly flavored. We later noticed that there were several other chicken stands nearby. And they had no lines. So this was not a fluke, this was the real deal.

Stick Them Up

Waffle Shapes   Waffle Shapes Waffle Shapes Waffle Shapes

My childhood friend Shannon had alerted me to a novelty item to try. They are regular waffles but made in unusual shapes. They included a motorcycle, elephant, bird, and a pistol. The waffles themselves were sadly a little under-whelming (too much cake not enough sweetness) but they were sure fun to eat.

Candy Apple Strawberries Night Market

These little treats were a welcome variation on the staple candy apples. The strawberries were skewered on a kabob and then dipped in the hard candy coating. The crispy outside cracked when it was bitten into and then the taster discovered a luscious berry behind it.

My only complaint was that the skewer made the process of eating them a little dangerous.  But we all survived with no injuries.

Night Market

There is a Jackson Hole physician named Dr. Pocket who once said, “Try new things.”  On this evening we certainly did, and it was worth it.


3 Responses to “Try New Things”

  1. I am not sure I like my eating habits described as, “tore into it like a pack of wolves on a spring lamb” but I concede that it might be accurate.

  2. Looks like a fun time. I have a friend who just returned from a trip to China. She said her favorite thing was a vitit to the “Terricote Soldiers.” Sound facinating but I’m not sure where they are. Have you and Jen been there?

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