Brother Elephant Baseball

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Brothers Elephant Baseball Game

One of the things that I really enjoyed about my recent trip to Taipei was the opportunity to see a professional baseball game. I soon discovered that in Taiwan one is either a fan or not. And those that are fans are fanatics. As we arrived at the stadium I knew it was going to be a full charged experience.

On this particular evening the Brother Elephants played the Lions. It was a complete blowout. The Elephants won 8-2.

Here are three highlights from the game that I hope gives you a little taste of the experience: Brothers Elephant Baseball Game

You Got to Keep Them Separated

One of the things that the concierge at the hotel asked me when she ordered my tickets was which team I was rooting for. I told her the Elephants. This turned out to be an important distinction because and revelation once we arrived at the stadium. The fans were evenly divided in the stadium. The Lions fans on one side with their orange jerseys and the Elephant fans on the other in yellow. And there was an unspoken rule of respect for this divide. When one side was batting the other side remained perfectly silent.

Cheering in Unison

This short video will give one a brief glimpse into a game. Chanting prescribed rallies, banging plastic cones and the beating of a drum were done throughout the inning. There was no let up, even once the game began to pull hopelessly away from the Lions. I appreciated the dedication.

Small Ball

The one big difference Brothers Elephant Baseball GameI thought that came out was Taiwan baseball is more about the bunt, single and advancing the runner. There were no big hits, no aggressive base stealing and no standout players. It was about scarifying oneself in order to get your teammate ahead. There was a great moment when the Elephants had men on first and second. There were no outs and when the batter came to the plate (not the pitcher) he immediately showed bunt. I thought this was an interesting approach when the situation really called for a swing away.

It is so great to take something as common as baseball and then experience through another perspective. Next stop: Japan!

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  1. I don’t recognize the players but I sure love the opening picture!

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