Money Ball

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TWD $500 Note

As many of you may know one of the things I miss the most about the United States is access to baseball. Whether it is watching a game on TV or attending a game in person, there are just not many opportunities to see a game being played in Hong Kong.

So when an opportunity came up for me to mix a little business with pleasure, I told Jennifer, “Let’s go see a game.” This week I am going to Taipei to do some investigations with museum touch tables, a new feature that my museum is exploring. So I will be doing that on Thursday and Friday. Then Jennifer is joining me and we are going to make the most of a long weekend.

We have some street market eating and shopping planned but the highlight for me will be attending a Chinese Professional Baseball League game. I have been doing my best to learn proper decorum and the nuances of the rules. It appears that they’re a few differences but nothing too divergent than Major League Baseball.

Taipei’s home team is the Brothers Elephant. The family that operates Brothers Hotel owns the team, thus the name. The other teams in the league are the Lions, Monkeys, and the Bulls. We will be seeing the Elephants verses the Lions on Saturday night.

So I have been curious, “How popular is baseball in Taiwan?” Well this morning I picked up some Taiwanese money for the trip. And there on the TWD $500 bill was my answer. If they have baseball on the money, then that is a good sign for me. The bar has now been sufficiently raised.


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  1. Cute blog, Robert. Our son loves baseball so he’ll enjoy seeing it.

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