Rhymes With Banana

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My Sister Shanna – Rhymes With Banana

I have said it once – I will say it again. Hong Kong has some wonderful fruit. Jennifer and I are quickly becoming acquainted with our local fruit lady. I am even picking up some of the correct terms and ways of asking what is good or what is in season. Fruit and round objects in general have their own set of classifiers in Chinese so it important to ask for things correctly, but that is another post all together.

Last evening we purchased bananas. Now bananas are as ubiquitous as any type of fruit that one can find. But up to this point in my life I have only been familiar with the Chiquita style ones. The ones they were selling last night were quite different.

Not only are they bigger but also more flat. And while the taste was unmistakably a banana they were slightly different. They were less sweet and also a little tangy. It was like a banana and watermelon got together and had a baby. None-the-less I liked them.

I am always looking for something different, even if it comes from a familiar source. Even the everyday can surprise the willing participant.


One Response to “Rhymes With Banana”

  1. if i only had a dime for every time i had to use the “rhymes with banana” line
    when introducing myself!!

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