Keeping it Green!

In Hong Kong, Updates on July 19, 2011 by triotriotrio

Neither monsoon, typhoon, nor gloom of back rain level 8 stays these carriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. – My modified Hong Kong Postal Code


Post Offices are not unique to the United States. They were started in Great Britain and almost all countries today have some sort of postal service. In Hong Kong the Post Office have an unmistakable look. And it’s green.

For some reason the green is really throwing me. When I think of the post office, I think of the blue and grey with the eagle. But here the mailboxes, mail trucks and the carriers are all adorned in this bright green color with a postal hummingbird motif. It is the equivalent kind of response that many Americans have when they see foreign currency. The different sizes and the colorful notes look like “pretend money.”

One can really become accustomed to seeing and doing things certain ways. And when those things are changed even in the slightest way it can really jar you. But it is really a good kind of jarring. It always reminds me of two things: where I come from and no matter how different people can be, there is always a common ground that one can find.

Now – imagine Cliff Claven in Green!


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