For My Sisters

In Updates on July 19, 2011 by triotriotrio

Living in Hong Kong as a Western person affords one a great deal of experiences. They can be capital BIG differences such as the language and culture or small nuances that come to your attention gradually and almost without notice. And by far it is not the BIG differences that surprise me the most but it is the little ones.

I suppose in some part I expect to be shocked by the BIG stuff. Walking down the street and I pass a man with a butchered hog over his shoulder, I think to myself, “I guess he is going to work.” But when I find a pop-top on a soda can like the type used in the United States in the 1970’s I really mull it over.

I am doing two posts this week in honor of my two big sisters, Dana Longest and Shanna Fulmer. Dana is my eldest big sister or as the Chinese would say, “jèh-je.” And Shanna is my younger elder sister, “daaih sai mùi.” Dana’s post is about the Hong Kong Postal Service. Dana is a Post Master in Virginia. My second post is about bananas, Shanna has always been the banana in our family.

Both posts are about those small little differences that one encounters in life. Enjoy.


One Response to “For My Sisters”

  1. What fun. I hope they get to visit you and Jen sometime soon.

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