Lychee Loving

In Food, Hong Kong on July 2, 2011 by triotriotrio Tagged:

Consider the humble lychee. Like many Americans I have only encounter these exotic fruits at the bottom of an overpriced cocktail. But in Hong Kong – they are not only plentiful but also quite affordable. Last night I was able to pick up a pound of them for around 70¢. In fact there are a wide number of wonderful fruits, nuts and vegetables that we have been exposed to in the short time we have been here abroad.

The lychee has a bumpy outer shell. They are usually sold with the branches still attached. I am not sure if this is a sign of freshness or just the way they are harvested. We have discovered that one must begin peeling from the top and once at least half of the shell is removed the other half will peel away fairly easily.

The flesh of the lychee is firm but segmented. It is sweet and sticky. We have not found any ways of preparing them except for just eating them straight. But that may be because they don’t last in the apartment that long.

One small fruit – one big step into learning more about our new home.


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