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In Food, Pancakes, Thailand, Updates, Vacation on June 27, 2011 by triotriotrio

To Infinity and Beyond

Perhaps it is part age, perhaps it is part laziness but nonetheless I have come to a conclusion: when it comes to going on vacation I no longer want to rise in the morning, fight the crowds and seek out all the local attractions. I am now in search of finding a secluded spot that allows me to sit in peace and do nothing if I please.

Jennifer and I recently had a brief getaway to Phuket, Thailand. And in many ways this recent getaway helped to reaffirm three points that make up the perfect do-nothing vacation:

Breakfast Buffet – I love a breakfast buffet. The key point to any buffet is the omelet station. Everything else is just gravy if the offering include an egg station. The best aspect of the Phuket buffet was the wide and delicious assortment of fruits. Asia has so many fruits offerings that are not available in the States. They also had pancakes, which is a major plus for me. They also had an assortment of Thai favorites. I enjoyed the breakfast fishcake especially. But another observation that I have made is that I tend to be culinary adventurous but when it comes to breakfast I still gravitate to the American fare as a default.

Beach Side or Poolside Service – The key to doing nothing is making sure one plans for it. Doing nothing can be great but one has to have support. Any proper resort needs to provide umbrellas (cabana preferred), towels, cool drinks and confortable sitting. Our resort had a full menu, beautiful pools and a beachside massage station that ran about $30 for one hour of attention. It was all pretty spectacular.

Mini Bar – I am not sure why tiny bottles and prepackage snacks have a greater allure when they are jacked up in price? But if a hotel offers anything beyond the norm than it is probably a sign that they have taken special attention to other things as well. The appearance of the mini bar is a micro-inspection of the hotel overall. So even if one doesn’t partake in the mini bar options a guest is rewarded if the offerings are better than the average place.

No surprise – many of my points are about food or food related options. If you plan a getaway nail down these points right away. I wish everyone a wonderful getaway. I don’t think I want to spend every vacation this way – but I would be willing to give it a try.


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