Dumpling Wrapping Party

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Dumpling Wrapping Team 2011

Monday is an official holiday in Hong Kong for the observance of the Tuen Ng Jit Festival. Two events associated with the holiday are preparing and eating zongzi, and racing dragon boats. Zongzi are a type of rice dumpling sometimes known as Chinese Tamales. And dragon boats are long slender paddle powered boats like a canoe. We were excited to participate in our first Festival and planned several activities over the long weekend.

We were excited to be invited on Saturday to the home of one of Jennifer’s colleagues to participate in a Dumpling Making Party!

First – our host had prepared a beautiful table with all the dumpling fillings. This type of dumpling is best known because of it glutinous rice filling. But there are other key ingredients including split peas, shrimp, pork, salted duck yolks, lotus bulbs and chestnuts.

Shrimp, Pork, Lotus Bulbs, Spilt Peas, Salted Duck Yolks, Rice

Second – All these filings are scooped into inter-folding bamboo leaves. The process of folding the leaves is part geometry, part paper folder and all skill. The dumpling tutor’s hands worked so quickly it was hard to know how they could assemble so many so quickly.

JQ Displays Proper Dumpling Form

Lastly – the pyramid shaped dumplings are tied up and put to the side.

Pile of Finished Dumplings

The process of cooking the dumplings is simple. They are steamed or boiled for a period of three hours.

All of the participates were sent home with dumplings as we are settling in Sunday evening we have them on the kettle ready to eat.

We have been so grateful to be invited into people’s homes to learn more about local traditions. It is especially nice when one gets to eat the local tradition. Ho me do! (It was delicious.)

Cross Section of Dumpling

Cooked Dumpling

2 Responses to “Dumpling Wrapping Party”

  1. Looks delicious and sounds like a fun weekend for you two!!!

  2. i hope that you took good notes so you can fix all this gear for your family when you return

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