Museum Day

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The International Council of Museums (ICOM) has designated May 18th as International Museum Day. The purpose of the day is to promote museums and highlight stories that promote community. As a museum professional I did my best to support the day in Hong Kong. I spent the day visiting three separate museums around the island. All three museums are vastly different but they do all tell a similar story. That story is aligned with the special day in that they all serve as a community resource and help to protect Hong Kong’s past and culture.

Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery – The Alexander Grantham was commissioned in 1953. It served for many years as protector to Hong Kong’s busy harbor. The gallery was especially memorable because of the many oral history videos of people that served on the ship throughout the years.

Law Uk Folk Museum – Nestled in a busy urban area of the city sits this 18th century home. It is amazing to walk the halls and see a traditional Hong Kong home. Unlike many museums that try to recreate a time and place, the home comes across as if the family has just moved out and perhaps could return at any moment.

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense – Perched high on the hills overlooking the harbor sits the museum. But addition to the exhibits on the inside there is a wonderful walking tour that guests can explore the old powder magazines and cannon fortifications.

It was a great day. Glad – I am glad I could participate.

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