Pancakes – A Study in Deception

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Looks can be deceiving

Pancakes – A Study in Deception

Let me begin by saying. I liked them – I really liked them. It was not that the pancakes failed me in any way – it was the fact that at every turn I was confused at the presentation, taste and ingredients.

The Setting – Along the Plaza at Stanley Beach there are numerous restaurants. They cater to the day visitor and then tend to be the typical Brit Pub fare. There is the standard fish and chips, pint of this or that and the boiled pudding in cream sauce among the daily menu offerings. Rocksalts is a causal restaurant that stands on the strip as a step above the rest. They have a seafood menu that is perhaps the best in Stanley. But on this day I was attracted to a sign that was advertising a “Fluffy Pancake Set.”

I know, I have been down this road before. “Fluffy Pancakes” appears to be a naming convention in Honk Kong that goes along with pancakes in the same way people may say, “Fresh Seafood.” The seafood may be three days old and starting to stink but nonetheless that’s how they will still advertise it.

Once again – let me reiterate, I really like these pancakes. But I was confused about several things.

Let’s go to the scorecard:

Temperature – the pancakes were somewhere between warm and hot. The thing that completely confused the issue is that these cakes were completely decked out. They were served with a lovely banana fosters and generous amounts of whipped cream. All these sides brought the overall temperature of the fork full down. But the cakes themselves were an acceptable temperature.

Maple Syrup – I was please to see a goodly portion of syrup to accompany this dish. I moved the bacon strip to the side and poured the golden goodness out. I was surprised to find out upon my first bite however that the syrup was in fact liquid caramel. Not bad but definitely not from the maple family. And that huge hunk of bacon turned out to be a fried plantain. Double drat!

Texture – The pancakes were definitely fried on a grill. They had a good sear mark on both sides. And there was a little lift to each cake. The thing that knocked it down was the wonderful side items. Cakes can’t stand up to all that whipped cream and sautéed bananas without getting a little soggy. That meant that I had to eat quickly. (Which I did)

I am going to give the Rocksalts Fluffy Pancake Set a Very Good mark. I liked the creative touches and the taste was outstanding. My main complaint was that it was too sweet. It tasted more like Banana Cream Pie than pancakes. And I like pie, but not for breakfast. Hands down – the best presentation of pancakes tired so far here in HK.

Until next time – keep on flipping!


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  1. yummy yummy 🙂

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