False Advertising

In Hong Kong, Pancakes on March 14, 2011 by triotriotrio


8-10 Queen’s Rd East at Hennessy Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

852 2527 8999


Deep down inside I know that I set the bar too high. I get all excited about the possibilities to come. And then I am just disappointed.

Take this morning for an example: I have been taking two buses to work. The first bus drops me off on Queens Road East. While I am waiting for the second bus I notice that there is an Italian Café. Upon further inspection there are advertising a “Fluffy Pancake Set.” Now this place is making a statement. They are not saying just Pancakes or Pancake Set; they are going out of their way to advertise that their pancakes are fluffy. As a pancake connoisseur I can’t help but to take their challenge.

Caffè HABITU is a laid back place. It is a comfortable atmosphere with a nice mix of tables, chairs and upholstered furniture. It is designed for those on the go and those who are settling in for a while to soak up the free wifi. Daily newspaper and expensive magazines line the walls. This place has a lot of potential.

Let’s go to the Score Card:

Temperature – Not hot. I am still struggling with this idea of cold pancakes. The butter pat sat on top like a motionless monument. I like to see enough heat coming off the surface to cause the butter to do a little Scott Hamilton off the side. And the whipped cream (nice touch) was unfettered by the plate’s temperature. Disappointing.

Texture – The texture was tough. They were dense and had no spongy quality about them whatsoever. They had been grilled at some time in this product life but I conjecture that they are prepared before hand and then stored until ordered. Disappointing.

Maple Syrup – Nope. Pancakes served with light cane sugar syrup. Disappointing.

These pancakes fell into the Some Merit category. I give them some points for including butter and whipped cream but the overall texture and temperature make the cakes fall to the 2 star category.

In an effort to end on a high note I would like to point out that the coffee was excellent. The Americano was strong and full of flavor. So say yes to the coffee and the atmosphere, but say no to the pancakes.

Until next time – Keep on flipping!


One Response to “False Advertising”

  1. Is it possible that the word for “tough” is being translated as “fluffy”? 😉 Love following your pancake adventures. It satisfies my own urge to eat them.

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