Chinese New Year Parade

In Chinese New Year, Updates on February 3, 2011 by triotriotrio

Tonight was the Chinese New Year Parade. It went down Canton Street, in the heart of the high end business district of Kowloon. Jennifer and I got there extra early in order to get a good spot. Space was definitely a premium. We learned first-hand from a Grandma that her kids were going to get a front-row seat whether we liked it or not. She was all business – not afraid to throw an elbow or two. Below is a highlight of some of the performers. The video really speaks for itself but here are three observations:

Not Too Chinese: I suppose I was expecting this to be an all out Chinese celebration but it wasn’t. Like many things in the Hong Kong there was a very international feel to the parade. Performers from China, the Czech Republic, the United States, Thailand, Korea and many others were all represented.

Jazz Hands: We saw a lot of performances tonight, not necessarily marching bands and such. Let me put it this way, Lady Gaga’s Pokerface was being played on high rotation. I have never seen this many performances in a parade. And the costumes were outstanding. Everything from traditional Chinese attire to space costumes from the future were represented.

Crowds of Patient People: The parade started almost 50 minutes late. But nonetheless, everyone in the crowd was well-behaved. And although people may have been complaining on the inside, it didn’t show on the outside. I was especially impressed by the number of children who either sat there patiently or played amongst themselves.

It was really exciting to see the Year of the Rabbit get off to such a great start!

Enjoy the highlights!

2 Responses to “Chinese New Year Parade”

  1. Awesome video. Thanks! I love the kids dancing with bunny ears and carrots!

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