Victoria Park Flower Market

In Chinese New Year, Food on January 30, 2011 by triotriotrio

Chinese New Year is upon us. And we have been excited that this occurrence is one of the first big celebrations that Jennifer and I will be able to participate in. Today we went over to Victoria Park because we had learned there was a special flower market set up for the holiday season..

We came across a public park filled with lots of energy. Everyone seemed eager to get ready for the big three-day holiday. Here are three observations that I am happy to share with you:

Beautiful Flowers: There were beautiful flower stands everywhere. We have learned that flowers are a popular decoration for the holiday. Outside on the streets and in people’s homes flowers, fruits and trees adorn the spaces. Different flowers symbolize different themes for the New Year. Plum Blossoms, for example, symbolize luck and kumquats represent prosperity. We saw beautiful examples of each including interesting arrangements. The orchids were especially beautiful.

Families: We have also learned that the Chinese New Year is an important time for families to be together. And there were many families out today enjoying each other’s company. A friend told me that his family has an annual Mahjong family tournament. Stores tend to be close during this time. And many families travel vast distances to be together.

Food: And of course, food is an important part of any holiday celebration. There were many wonderful stands serving all kinds of sweets and fried foods. Jennifer spotted a huge pot of simmering oil. The stand was serving fried tofu. A line of wonderful condiment sauces was lined up. There was a huge line of people waiting to be served, so that seemed like a good sign. As I waited in line I thought to myself someone around here has some terrible BO.

Jennifer said, “You go first.” As I began to take my first bite when I noticed a group of locals watching intently to see what my reaction would be. I turned to Jennifer and gave her the big thumbs up as I swallowed the first piece. I smiled the best I could to the on-looking crowd.

But in fact, all of that was a big show. I was dying on the inside. Because what I learned when I took the first bite was that it was in fact STINKY tofu. A fermented product that could give the most pungent French cheese a run for its money. Maybe it is an acquired taste? It is just not for me.

Nonetheless I am excited for the upcoming New Year. May the year of the rabbit bring us prosperity and luck. And with providence, may it be a year without any stinky tofu.

3 Responses to “Victoria Park Flower Market”

  1. You are very brave. Trying food on the street was the hardest thing for me to embrace. Did you guys buy some flowers?

  2. Stinky tofu? I guess I’m not worldly enough. That surprised me completely. Kudos for you for maintaining your poise long enough to attempt a smile.

  3. I want to go to there.

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