New Twist on Breakfast

In Food, Hong Kong on January 12, 2011 by triotriotrio

Moving to a country is all about having new experiences. Some of these experiences come to you while others have to be sought out. For me, trying new things has been an essential part of the Hong Kong experience. This morning provided me an opportunity to try something new in an environmental that is all too familiar.

McDonald’s are everywhere in Hong Kong. And the standard fare that one may expect to find in the US is the same here. But there are a few twists. One thing that I discovered is that McDonald’s delivers. Outside some stores there are cycles at the ready to deliver French fries and hamburgers to your door. Nice. Can’t wait to try this. Another thing is that some of the menu items have been tweaked to satisfy a local audience.

Poached egg, sausage patty, peas, carrots and twisty pasta

In an effort to push boundaries and try new things I took on the #5 breakfast meal deal at my local store. The #5 comes with the standard hash brown and orange juice. But the main course is a bowl of chicken broth along with a sausage patty, poached egg, carrots, peas, corn and twisty pasta.

I thought it was a strange combination. But oddly enough it works, even for breakfast. It was filling and all the pieces really complimented each other. I am not sure if I would order it again but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it either.

So one can find new experiences in a place that may be familiar. Perhaps these are the things that I will remember the most? The truly different is everywhere and those experiences are great. But it is when a curve ball comes across the plate that the true differences in our world are revealed.


3 Responses to “New Twist on Breakfast”

  1. Robert,

    I’m enjoying your blog. The pictures and your vivid depictions make the experience seem real and very entertaining. I find it interesting that McDonalds delivers! Who knew? Maybe they should attempt that in the U.S.

    Awaiting the next excursion,


  2. I write a blog about sampling different McDonald’s items from around the world.

    I did a mini-review on the twisty pasta a while back too

  3. […] McDonald’s Sausage & Egg Twisty Pasta (via Trio Trio Trio) […]

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