First Impressions

In Hong Kong, Updates on January 8, 2011 by triotriotrio

If buttercups buzzed after the bees, if boats were on land and churches at sea, if summer were spring and the other way round, then all the world would be upside-down. 18th Century British Nursery Rhyme

Leaving on a jet plane







A twenty-four plane trip from Washington, DC to Hong Kong with a four hour layover in Los Angeles can zap anyone’s spirit and energy level. It was a long trip and as was expressed by a small child in the immigration line at the Hong Kong airport, “This place smells!”  Yes indeed, this place smells, or may have been us that smelled. The point was either unclear or something that I did not want to verify.

The Hong Kong airport is a modern marvel. Its modern architecture along with its gleaming glass and steel represents the city as a place of progress and modernity. I knew Hong Kong was a place of skyscrapers and electronic billboards so to have the terminal appear before us was no surprise. The airport speaks to efficiency as well as clarity. Jennifer and I had no problem finding our luggage or the airport express train that would bring us to the downtown. All in all – our journey began with no major problems or confusions.

We lugged our 100 pounds of luggage to the airport express train. We loaded and prepared ourselves to be transported to our new home. Perhaps it was the sleek design of the train system that helped convince me that this whole adventure was real and we were now on our way to a new life and new experiences.

The train makes several stops along the twenty minute route to the downtown. It was hard to comprehend that this was China. The scenery reminded me of many town and cities that I have seen from the rails throughout my life. The journey was relaxing and we began to settle in as the train chugged along.

It was not until the train came around the bend and before us appear Mount Victoria. With some authority I spoke aloud some of the only Chinese I know, “Tai Shan” which means peaceful mountain. I meant this as a joke because Tai Shan is also the name of our favorite panda who was born in Washington, DC and recently was given back to the people of China.  But it was peaceful. It was then I could see through the mist the distinctive mark that is China contrasted by the lower cropping of new buildings. I imagined a great dragon had awoken that morning and created all this mist for us alone in order to allude our eyes to his presence.

When we arrived downtown, we once again lugged our 100 pounds of luggage to the nearest taxi. We had so much luggage that the cabbie had to use ties to close the trunk. I wanted to explain to the driver that we were not just on vacation; we were starting a new life here. But it didn’t seem that he would care either way.

So we are now settling in to our new apartment. We will be here a month or so until we find a place that is more permanent. Once again it seems all too unreal. But in the back of my mind something tells me that everything is going to be all right. Now we must fight this jag lag and try to adjust to our new time zone. And of course, take a shower.

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4 Responses to “First Impressions”

  1. An excellent first post Robert! Have fun exploring your new home!! 🙂

  2. You’ve written beautifully despite the jetlag. Sorry I didn’t get to see if you in LA, but hope we can meet up somewhere in the future. In the meantime, I will visit Hong Kong through your eyes!

  3. The eagle has landed!!! So excited for you and JQ!

    Keep the posts coming–they’re great! 🙂

  4. I’m still a little salty about how we Fed Exed Tai Shan back to China, but it was still a nice opening blog post! Keep the posts coming, so happy for you guys.

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