Silk, spice and pirates

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I love to see our visitors posting and sharing about the museum!

Plus Ultra

Hong Kong in the mid-19th century

Written with a quill, the florid cursive inscribed on the pages of a ship’s logbook was still legible: “Tuesday March 1st – 1796. Light winds…, weather fair and pleasant, a smooth sea.” These were the words of Captain Charles Christie on the East Indiaman Belvedere, then engaged in the lucrative China trade.

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Waffling in Thailand

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Bangkok waffles

It must be the maple syrup. Or maybe it is that they are both served at breakfast? But one fact remains – waffles are not pancakes.

Waffles have a completely different make up that make them worthy of study and tasting.

On a recent trip to Bangkok, I found myself at a mall that styles itself as the ‘Pride of Bangkok.’

One of the reasons this shopping mall deserves such a high ranking is that there is a fabulous food court in the basement. I do not mean a Chick-fil-A, Cinnabon and Orange Julius filled space. The food court was filled will stalls, everyone was busily making wonderful spring rolls, pad Thai and stir-fry. By I was attracted to the man making waffles.

He had a variety of varieties, strawberries, Nutella, bananas and powered sugar. The little squares are the perfect receptacles for all the goodies. Sometimes foods do not translate in a different environment. But the Thai – they know food.


22 Ships – 2,000 calories

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22 Ships

Wanchai, Hong Kong

My first reaction was: “there is not a single thing on this menu that someone would not find offensive.”

The concept is one of equality for all. There are no reservations, seating is on bar stools, and there are no posh behind-the-scenes tables for the exclusive guests. This place is about good food, served plainly with copious amounts of beverages. There is beer and also specialty cocktails.

Now to the offense: around the world people are bound to religious or ethical limitations on what they can or want to consume. There are those that keep Kosher. There are those that feel compelled not to eat veal. Well if you fall into any of these categories: avoid this place like it is the rapture.

22 Ships 太

Pork belly: my big observation about living in China is that Chinese people love their fat. I am from the skinless-boneless world of dulling the flavors down for ‘health reasons.’ But here – it is pure unadulterated fat-on. The pressed pork belly has three levels of wonderful. First – there is the chewy outer coating. Second there is the gelatinous fatty center. Lastly there is the belly fat, that portion in which reminds you of eating a thick cut bacon steak.

22 Ships 太

Veal chop – this was a happy calf. The chop was simply prepared with a garlic and parsley rub. It sat on a puree of tuber mash. Proof: food does not have to be overly worked or a science experiment to be good.

22 Ships 太

Spicy shrimp: pulp and juicy. It is hard to believe that this was the bronze medal at the table. Anywhere else it would be taking home the gold.

22 Ships – come early and reserve your space. There may be a wait but it is worth it.

Leave your guilt at the door.


香港海事博物館 Hong Kong Maritime Museum

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Here is a cool post from a recent visitor to the Maritime Museum. Love what they did with the 360 photos.

:: 我們的部落格 ::

係香港海事博物館仲係赤柱既時候就硬係夾唔啱時間, 所以從來都無去過,
但係而家搬咗去中環後就就腳得多了!  從前既展館只有800平方米,

由於絕大部份香港既Museum 都係HK$10-15,
起初對於入場費要hk$30 都覺得好貴, 原本亦以為 1個鐘多D就睇完,
最後亦發現係錯既! 今次既visit 絕對物超所值, 玩三四個鐘亦無問題!

第一層樓主要係講香港航海業嘅歷史, 好多展品都做得好仔細,
慢慢嗒咗D展品模型成個鐘係度  😛


數碼版 靖海全圖
《靖海全圖》對於香港海事別具意義, 記載清廷水師在大嶼山對出海面圍剿海盜張保仔的事迹等等。
《靖海全圖》長達十八米,數碼化後, 利用ipad做remote control 後就可以逐格連序述慢慢睇!

3F9LnC_cropPlease click here for 360 view!


1000,000 candlepowr 咁光。。即係好光 -_-“

wiki :橫瀾燈塔諾克·耐維斯號

另一個好好睇嘅展品就係呢隻, 有史以黎最大隻既船, 企係度高過吉隆坡既雙子塔!
亦原來香港都擁有過尼隻船, 船王董浩雲(香港前特首董建華之父)就擁咗隻船成十年…

展品極之細致…又慢慢㗳 😛

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 12.58.12 AMSeawise Giant 係最大, 而佢既船錨都係全世界最大!
遲D舊野就會擺係中環新海濱長廊變成一件 contemporary art…

The largest anchor in the world from the Seawise Giant!
It is going to be placed in front of the Maritime Museum in the near future.
Picture from HKMM’s Flickr. 其Flickr album有好多好有趣的圖片呢!

博物館二樓的觀港廳極之開揚, 我可以話要睇維多利亞港的話

hahaha, 黃色隻鴨仔都見到

IMG_2654望遠鏡入面睇返隻鴨!!隻鴨仔真係好hit, 好多人去睇!!

仲有三樓…時間不夠了, 匆匆睇下…下次再黎 😀


其實連間Gift shop 都做得好有heart, 有好多真係好特別既野 🙂

Visit once is not enough!  製作絕對精美, 地點優越,
但係點解咁都咁少人去? 真係唔明白呢….
真心推介的好地方 🙂

————-more information————

Official Web Site

Youtube Channel

Facebook Fan Page


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Just another day

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Flag from Fort McHenry

Flag from Fort McHenry

Is the 4th just another day?

It is in Hong Kong. This is my third Fourth of July in Hong Kong and I find myself a little more reflective than usual. I do not tend to be a flag carrying, apple pie eating kind of person but being away from America at these key junctures and has given me a new perspective on what it means to be an American.

I find myself not only missing the food and places but also the small nuances that make us unique. On a recent trip to America I was totally absorbed into listening to the accents. I was savoring the turn of phrases that people use. And I especially soaked in the patriotic symbols that are around every corner that only came to my light when they were absent so long.

So Happy Birthday USA!


Arrivederci Pizzeria Publico

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NYPI know that I am not the first person to contemplate New York pizza. Though its origins are obviously Italian, early immigrant to the New World made it their own. In a process of reverse migration, the pizza returned to Europe and later to the rest of the world, even Hong Kong.

When I consider the New York pizza, I believe there are certain elements that distinguish it from other varieties:

  • Thin crust
  • Pliable (ideally eaten by folding the piece in half)
  • Cut into long tapering triangle slices
  • Basic ingredients (marinara sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, pepper flakes, and hard cheese topping)*

Though there are a lot of choices when it comes to pizza in Hong Kong, Pizzeria Publico (PP) has in recent years has distinguished itself as a slice above the rest in the New York genre. Situated in the heart of Soho, PP provided an informal locale where one could buy an individual slice, a cold beer and a deli sandwich.

I was dishearted to learn that the owners had shut down their little shop and relocated to Queen’s Road Central. PP has been folded into their Linguini Fini location.

Since PP has been relocated I had the opportunity to visit and do a small evaluation. I understand that Hong Kong rents are high and it is difficult to run a small business but the consolidation of the two locations does not work.

There are three points that I would like to make in this regard:

  • Pizza can no longer be bought by the slice
  • They have removed their deli sandwiches from the menu
  • The casual nature has now been replaced by a formal dining area

The pizza is still good but I can longer think of this a pizza parlor. The unique space located off the escalator has been lost. That little piece of New York is gone and PP has faded into the endless number of Hong Kong pizzerias that strive to make a good pizza but just can’t make the cut.

Arrivederci Pizzeria Publico – I will miss you!

* This is not intended to be a definitive list


Hong Kong Maritime Museum

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Here is a nice write up about the Hong Kong Maritime Museum!